About Us

We specialise in chocolate moulds, cookie cutters & lots more kitchen items that you never knew you needed!


Hi there!  My name is Heather and I'm the main part of the 123kitchens team.  123kitchens is based in Dunedin and all of our stock is ready and waiting to be sent to you upon receiving your order.

How did 123kitchens begin?

123kitchens was started in August 2017 on Trade Me.  Like all good things we started off small and slow... just to get it right!

In 2020 Covid-19 started to change the way we all shopped and where we went to shop.  Online shopping became more popular as people around New Zealand were being encouraged to shop local and support local businesses in this time of global uncertainty.

In 2021 Trade Me started to change how their website worked and so 123kitchens had to adapt and change also.  Now with our own website, we will continue to offer you a great shopping experience.  New products and great discounts are being added all the time.

** Try us for great products, fantastic prices, and fast service, you won't be disappointed!  (and if you are... we'll fix it, super fast!) **