Easter Cookie Cutter Set - Rabbit, Easter Egg, Chicken, Bunny Ears

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This is a set of 4 cookie cutters as per photo 2.

They are made of metal and the measurements are:
1) Rabbit - 8.5cm x 4.8cm
2) Bunny ears - 9.5cm x 6cm
3) Easter egg - 7cm x 4.5cm
4) Chicken - 6.5cm x 8cm

They are 1.8cm deep each.

Note: Some of the cardboard has come away from the packaging so is sellotaped back on or it's a little tatty on the edges.  This doesn't affect the cutters at all.

Cookie cutters are great for more than just making biscuits.  They encourage creativity with play dough, are useful for making shapes in pastry and fondant as well as using them as templates for cutting shapes on paper.

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