Egg Poacher Silicone Moulds - set of 4pcs

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Each mould measures 6.5cm x 9cm

You will receive a set of 4 moulds, one of each colour. There are also single moulds available.

Instructions: (included)
  • Boil about 3cm of water in a pot
  • Lightly grease mould, I use a little oil and the back of a tsp to push it around the mould,
  • Break an egg into each mould.
  • When water is boiling place each mould into pot without dislodging the egg.
  • Put a lid on the pot, turn down to simmering.
  • When eggs are done to your liking, carefully lift moulds out of the water (watch the steam).
  • To release the eggs I use a blunt knife to separate them from the mould and they will slide out
  • I have worked out 4.5mins does an egg nicely to my liking, play around to get the perfect timing for your eggs.

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