Chocolate Mould - Leaves (Weed, Cannabis, Marijuana, Maple)

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One of the more popular chocolate moulds!

Call it what you will weed, cannabis, marijuana, hemp, they are very similar to the maple leaf as well.

This mould measures 20cm x 10cm and approx 1cm deep.  The leaves are 4cm high and 3.5cm across.  Each leaf holds 10mls.

Colour will be selected randomly due to availability.

Made of food grade silicone.  Handles temperature from -40°C to 220°C.  Use in ovens, microwaves and dishwashers.

Moulds can be used for sugarcraft, fondant, making chocolates, ice cubes, jelly or soaps etc. Make your icing decorations look fantastic with lots of different shapes available or create unique presents for the chocolate lovers you know.

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